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Alphainfo is an enterprise headline media information platform researched and developed by Beijing ZEUSO Technology Co., Ltd (ZEUSO).
ZEUSO is a subsidiary corporation affiliated to TOSON Technology (Hong Kong) Co., Limited (TOSON).
ZEUSO is a comprehensive data provider and solution provider mainly engaged in acquisition of high quality data and data analysis by use of advanced internet technology and means.
Based on the ever-maturing ecological environment of internet big data, big data technology and smart computing technology, ZEUSO processes and mines valuable knowledge and information from a huge number of internet information so as to provide multi-perspective analysis for enterprises to serve the market and help them to understand, find out and search for potential business opportunities; meanwhile, it relies on mature data acquisition system, makes use of a huge number of industrial data information and focuses on deep insight and analysis so as to help enterprises to grasp dynamic trend of the industry and keep in step with the era.
Our team is composed of professional technical engineers and professional consultation and analysis personnel. In which, the professional consulting team is composed of talents from domestic top consulting companies and transboundary talents from socialized media management industry, who have particular classification and integration experiences, skilled internet word-of-mouth and practical experiences in brand communication. Our technical engineers have advanced and international professional level and experiences in artificial intelligence, data mining and database management.
ZEUSO always wishes to lead the future of big data era in the way of pursuing for new technique and new thinking. Staff of ZEUSO is willing to create business value for enterprises to lead the ear with our most distinct insight and top technological means and most professional service.
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